Going Mado for Ice Cream

Venue: Mado

Location: Porto Arabia, The Pearl

Eating Occasion: Dinner (they also serve Breakfast and Lunch)

Cuisine Type: Turkish

Highchair Available: Yes – I saw three Ikea highchairs.

Changing Facilities: Restrooms are just opposite the restaurant, no official changing facilities but there is one small table available.

Private Dining: No

Family Section: No

Smoking/Non Smoking: Non smoking

Wifi: Yes

Timings: 8.30am – 11pm

Contact Number: 4436 4622

I discovered Mado a few weeks back and was immediately pulled in with the words ‘sliced ice cream’ – sliced ice cream?? How? Why? and ooooh!!!

I would describe the decor of the restaurant as white with a fresh feel:

Whilst Mado prides itself on being a dessert eatery, it offers breakfast, lunch and dinner of varying options.  On viewing the menu I was intrigued to try so many dishes and torn with what to go for.  Borek (filled flakey pastry) and Gozelme (filled and topped flatbreads) were two dishes I wanted to try.

I opted for a Sömelek Salad; made of green leaves, olives, cucumbers, tomato, naboulsi cheese (like the Middle East version of feta) and something called sömelak.  I wasn’t aware what sömelek was and on asking the waiter I was informed it was bulgur wheat.  I’m not sure if Mado provided sömelek koftes or something else, but from what I’ve googled, my dish may have contained meat.  This isn’t clear on the recipe and wasn’t explained to me on asking – veggies just be aware to double check if you pick this dish.

I regretted choosing the salad, the cheese was super salty, the olives tasted like they came from a jar and the sömelek had no flavour at all.

To compound the dislike for my salad, I had major food jealously of Amrit’s choice of Celtik Cebap; thinly sliced steak and meatballs on a bed of really thin fries with tomato sauce, topped with yoghurt and served with a side salad.   This was delicious and so flavoursome.  Amrit told me he’d definitely order this again if we comeback.

Moving to Tara, I really wasn’t impressed with the kids menu.  There are three options all containing ‘meat’ – it’s not clear what meat exactly until you ask.  Typically it’s not chicken but they will make chicken versions if you ask.  Be mindful that there are no vegetarian options either. I asked for the chicken versions of the mini burgers which overall weren’t bad.

Despite the fact that Mado provides various savoury dishes, it’s roots and core reason of serving customers is down to Turkish ice cream.

There are so many options to pick from, I was spoilt for choice.  Given the fact I’d never tried Turkish ice cream before I opted for a plain flavour, a dish that caught my eye was called ‘Mystic Kesme Ice Cream Plate‘.  It was supposed to come out surrounded in smoke for effect, I didn’t receive anything of the sort.  The ice cream itself was served on a super cold slab, this made the ice cream hard to cut.

The ice cream itself was so delicious, it’s really thick and creamy and almost chewy.  I knew exactly why a knife and fork comes handy with this dense ‘Turkish delight’.  My portion was too big for one, I could barely finish a quarter of the entire portion.  I’d order Turkish ice cream again but most certainly share.

Amrit usually loves kunefe, so on seeing it’s availably on the menu he chose Kunefe and Cream.  Overall he found the kunefe itself was too big and too chewy in comparison to others he’s tried.

Our dining experience food wise wasn’t great but there was several other items on the menu I’d still like to try especially when it comes to their ice creams!


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