Nidaaya takes note

A few weeks ago I visited Nidaaya at Meliá hotel and wasn’t too impressed.  I had several disappointing comments which I felt I needed to express at the time.  Upon reading my review, Meliá invited me back to highlight my experience was not their norm.

On revisiting the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was the enthusiasm of the staff, they were smiling and made me feel very welcome vs my previous experience.  Whilst you may think my perception was with rose tinted spectacles, I did observe their behaviour with other customers and noticed equal customer service was provided.

On arriving, they had something called a ‘healthy shot’ which wasn’t provided on my first visit.  It’s basically a small glass of freshly squeezed juices with the viewpoint waking up those tastebuds for breakkie.

The next thing I noticed (instantly) was the food itself, the buffet set out was rearranged and (in my strong opinion) a much better order.  Everything was placed along the main buffet counter in ‘orderly sections’.  The fruit was all together, the fresh sweet options were displayed together, there was a clear sign of a live cooking station with options and the cakes and pastries were available next to the bakery section.

On my previous visit, I noticed things like dirty skirting boards.  These were polished (I checked several spots across the room lol) and Tara’s high chair was clean.  I was one happy mumma!!

Now to the food.  Tara nibbled on some fruit, a plain omelette and a muffin.  I ordered poached eggs which to my lovely surprise came as follows:

The poached eggs cut into a nice runny soft yolk, the salmon was generous and what I felt right in portion and the chargrilled tomatoes were just right, firm but nicely ‘stewed’.

To wash it all down, I ordered a cappuccino which was served nice and hot.

Would I go back again, now that Tara has started nursery and for a nice chilled ambience – actually yes I would.  Notably because the hotel cared enough about my disappointment to listen.

Meliá thank you for inviting me to comeback a significantly better and happier breakfast experience for me and my baby on this visit.  Look forward to visiting again soon.


5 thoughts

  1. that looks great. do you use the Zomato app? I’ve just recently started reviewing eateries there myself. Oh, and maybe you can explain the obsession with nutella? especially here in Doha hah.


    1. hey – no I don’t have the app but I use Zomato online – I’ll look into the app – thanks. Great news re your reviewing and lol re Nutella. I can only assume it’s because nuts are so huge out here and so is chocolate, I guess Nutella just fits. Whatever the reason, I’m glad as I love the stuff 🙂


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