Sun, Sea, Sand and much more at Jaula Club Grand Hyatt

Location: West Bay (opposite Lagoona Mall)

Occasion: Family Beach and Pool Day

Kids allowed: Yes (not in gym)

Smoking/Non Smoking: Smoking 😦

Wifi: Yes

Time: 6am – 11pm (Indoor fitness facilities) 7am – Dusk (Outdoor Pool and Beach)

Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel (Jaula Club)

Contact Number: 4448 1234

I’ve been a member of Jaula Club at Grand Hyatt for almost two years now and just love the beach and leisure facilities they provide.  Now that the weather has cooled, we really enjoy spending the day here as a family.  I thought I’d share the facilities with you incase you’re interested in going one day:

One of the first plus points is the accessibility of the place, you simply park up and the entrance to the club is right there.  Great when leaving too – in the car and away you go.  This may not sound like a huge plus but with young kids I think it’s so good to have easy and quick access to a place.

Excuse the blurry picture, but they even make the entrance stand out so you’re not looking at lots of doors guessing.

This is the entrance to the Jaula Club, the staircase leads to a spa – which is great if you’re looking for some pamper time.  (Details of the spa are not part of this review).  Behind the staircase, is the ladies entrance and to the right along the corridor is the gents.

There are two gyms, one mixed and one ladies, with a door connecting the two on the inside.  Both are equipped with Technogym machines, the newest cardio equipment have smart screens; you can watch YouTube or pick your own radio station whilst working out – huge plus for us mummies that no longer get to watch TV like we used to!

Cardio equipment in mixed gym and doorway leading to ladies area.

Weight Machines in mixed gym.

Free weight area which has a large matted area to the right.

This third section of the mixed gym kitted out with Kinesis machines

Arke station.

During your workout bottled water and towels are provided.  They even give you headphones which have washable covers, you don’t have to worry about listening to your favourite song with someone else’s ‘ear sweat’ – personally quite delighted by this provision!

Infused cold water station, with two to three different options in the mixed gym and usually one option in the ladies.  Along with this, there are always fresh bananas and nice crunchy apples to enjoy.

The ladies gym is a lot smaller, I actually like it and work out here, it’s more tranquil and call me lazy but everything really close by too!! Hmmmm did I mentioned I’m struggling to shift a few pounds – I wonder why!!!

Now to the changing facilities.  If you want a locker, you’ll need to grab a key from reception, it’s just around the corner from the the gents entrance.


Changing rooms and lockers:  Lockers come with bathrobe, slippers, towel, a carrier bag for your wet items and hangers.  If you’re a member (depending on your membership) Jaula even provide laundry service for your gym clothes too – less washing for me = brownie points.

In addition to the gym, each ladies and gents area has their own sauna, steam etc facilities to enjoy:

Relaxation area.  When I come here during the day by myself, I love reading a magazine, with my infused water and crunchy apple post shower – it’s the little pleasures we seek once we become mummies!

Cold water plunge pool (and yes it really is cold).


Inhalation room



The club has an indoor pool which is doesn’t allow children under the age of 16 to use.  It can be entered as you’d expect from ladies and gents changing areas.

Back to the changing rooms – they have three shower cubicles, with a rain and handheld shower head.  Shower Gel/Shampoo is available in the cubicles.  They also have hairbands and shower caps if you need.  Shower caps I’d expect, but I was super impressed with the hairband – the number of times I’ve needed one and graced the person that thought of making them available!

Vanity area, which has two hair drying stations and basic beauty aids – brilliantly handy when you have make up panda eyes post shower! The chairs are super comfortable too!

All of the above is for the benefit of adults only, the little ones get to have all the fun outside with plenty of space to enjoy:

The outdoor pool is accessed by passing reception and not from the changing areas.  Beach towels are also provided by the hotel.

The main pool is shaped in my description as several connected rectangles, with the baby pool completely separate but just behind it.  I really like this design as (depending on which day you go) it feels like you almost have ‘your own’ pool area.  Children are allowed to use the main pool but it’s great that they have the smaller pool for younger babies – we make good use of it with our Tara.

Baby pool

Another great thing about the beach and pools days at the Grand Hyatt is their green space, they have a huge grassed area which is perfect for family play time.  Personally I think this is rare across hotels in Doha.

Beautiful manicured walkways along the sea/beachfront and within the resort.

The beach itself is huge, it has a decent amount of sun loungers with umbrellas (great for keeping little ones shaded) , there is a refreshment stand and an area for hiring water gear.

Along the beach there is a really cute mini park, which is great for entertaining the kids just that little bit more.

At the very end of the beach there’s another pool.  It doesn’t have waiter service or refreshments available but if you’re wanting to paddle in a bit more peace and quiet this is great hidden spot.

Beach and Pool Fees: Weekdays 175 QAR, Weekends 275 QAR, Children 100 QAR and 125 QAR respectively (age 4-15)

Beach, Pool and Gym Fees: Weekdays 250 QAR, Weekends 350 QAR – Children not allowed to use gym facilities

Ladies day: Mondays and Tuesdays 125 QAR


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