Glow American Salon brighten my tootsies with their Ultra Luxurious Pedicure

Venue:  Glow American Salon

Location: West Bay, Beach Tower (they have branches in West Bay Lagoon and Salwa Road too).

Occasion: Pamper

Kids allowed: Boys aren’t allowed and I wouldn’t say it’s ok to take young babies (to ensure other customers aren’t disturbed during their treatments).  They have princess manicures and pedicures for girls which is great for mummy daughter or bff time.

Smoking/Non Smoking: Non smoking

Wifi: Yes – although the connection isn’t great.

Time: 10am – 7pm all days excluding Fridays and Mondays. Friday 11am – 8pm and closed on Mondays.

Contact Number(s): 6686 7220, 6686 7221, 6686 4220, 6686 4221

I was invited by Glow to receive one of their Ultra Luxurious Pedicure treatments, in need to sort my tootsies out I was delighted to visit.

The salon itself is really conveniently located in West Bay Beach Tower.  There is ample parking with easy entrance both via the main entrance or through Bread and Bagels cafe around the back.

My appointment was at 10am in the morning, I’d dropped Tara off to nursery and had some time to spare.  I grabbed myself a delicious bagel and coffee for breakkie, before heading over for my treatment (and taking my cappuccino with me).

The decor of the salon is very silver and bold.  Once I arrived and ‘checked in’ at reception, I was very quickly taken to my pedicure station to begin my treatment.

Main entrance:


Waiting Area:

The pedicure stations (there are two) are silver massage seats with the foot sink at the bottom.  There is a remote control to set the massage controls as you wish and there’s nothing nicer than having a shoulder and back massage whilst getting your feet done – I personally really enjoyed this.

I was receiving the Flip Flop Tropical Lemon Drop Pedicure and rested my feet in a perfectly warm foot bath with a lovely fresh zesty lemon scent.  After a minute or so, my beautician Rosalina started working on my nails as you’d expect from such a treatment.  During this time, my massage buttons we’re on, I sipped away at my cappuccino and caught up on some celebrity goss courtesy of Ahlan magazines provided to me – I was in heaven.

A simple note, but I really liked that everything that was required for my pedicure was ready and set up.  Something you always expect but doesn’t always happen. 

Once the nail work was done, out came the foot file. I was super ticklish during this part – nothing personal about Rosalina, I just can’t handle my feet being filed!!

Next came the sugar scrub, the scent was just delicious, I could almost taste it.  Scents of lemon, coconut and pineapple kept hitting my nose – mmmmmmmm.  Rosalina rubbed this all over my feet and up my lower legs, she used the foot file afterwards too.  I endured the tickle hell to be rewarded with super soft tootsies after.

I found the quality of the scrub itself quite luxurious, it made my feet nice and silky.  The next stage of the treatment really impressed me – a clay mask.  Whenever I opt for a luxurious pedicure, I’m typically provided with a paraffin wax treatment, sometimes I find the initial application a bit too warm.  The clay mask was really cool when Rosalina applied it to my feet with a brush, it felt nice and thick and ‘good for my skin’.

Once the clay mask was applied, my feet were covered in what looked like pastic bags and foot towels.  This part definitely set the ultra luxurious pedicure apart from the standard option.

I was left to let the clay work it’s magic for about ten minutes.

The clay mask was removed with a damp flannel in the foot bath and then Rosalina gave me a slow, firm and relaxing foot massage.  It lasted about five minutes in total – my only feedback here is that I would have liked to have been a little longer.

The final stage was the application of the nail polish, I typically always pick pink or red – I went for red this time.

The treatment certainly did service to the name and for 150 QAR I think it’s definitely worth it.  There are about seven types of ultra luxurious pedicures to choose from, so if lemon’s not your scent of choice, i’m sure they’ll have something on the menu to tickle your fancy.


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