The uncommon serve for the common eat at Burger Gourmet

Venue: Burger Gourmet

Location: Lagoona Mall, West Bay

Eating Occasion: Dinner (they also serve lunch)

Cuisine Type: American

Price: Cheap and Cheerful    Mid Range    Expensive

Highchair Available: Yes, they have two and they’re on wheels – perfect for a ‘mission free’ move.

Changing Facilities: Unfortunately not, you have to go into Lagoona Mall which is inconvenient if you need to nip out mid meal.  There are restrooms in the restaurant itself.

Private Dining: No

Family Section: Yes

Smoking/Non Smoking: Non smoking

Wifi: TBC

Timings: 12.00pm – 11.30pm

Contact Number(s): 4493 6368, 3365 5300

I was invited to attend a food tasting event at Burger Gourmet, having dined there a year or so back I was quite apprehensive about my expectations of the night.  Excuse the pun, but I was made to mince my thoughts very quickly and surprised by the quality and true potential the restaurant has to offer.  I think the venue needs to change a couple of things for it’s own benefit, but overall I feel it’s a forgotten gem and underrated as far as ‘burger eats’ go in Doha.

The ambience of the restaruant is like the vibe of a bar or a nightclub!  It has plush seating, black and white damask decor and blue lighting.  Overall it’s chic (I’m a sucker for a damask pattern) but I think the blue lighting needs to go.  Diners want to see the food they’re eating and food blogger or not, we’re obsessed about uploading our food pics to share with the world.  We need good lighting for good pics please 🙂

One thing I saw across the evening was the genuine passion the chefs have about their food, every little detail is thought through.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking to illustrate this comment.

The whole menu of the evening was served as sliders, the ‘real life’ order will be a much bigger portion.

First up was a Strawberry Mojito Mocktail:  The presentation was very current, served in a jam jug, tasting subtly fizzy with prominent strawberry puree, followed by a hint of mint.  Refreshingly sweet.

Crispy Goat Cheese Croquette:  I’m not a fan of goat cheese and expected not to like this.  I have to say, it was delicious, it had the distinguishing goat cheese flavour but without the pungent overbear.  It wasn’t chewy in texture to that you’d expect of a mozzarella or cheddar.  The consistency when biting into the croquette, nicely layers across your tongue and glides down without sticking to the roof of your mouth.  Would I have this again – yes, do I like goat cheese – no!!

Rock Crispy Prawn: This was a jumbo prawn fried in a crumbed tempura batter, it was served with fresh rocket leaves in balsamic vinegar, topped with cherry tomatoes, pickled shallots and chives.  The shrimp was so fresh and juicy, I absolutely loved the crumbed tempura batter and anyone that knows me, knows my love for rocket on almost everything.  The combination was a match made in heaven, my personal favourite and strongly recommend.

Southern Fried Chicken:  It’s marinaded overnight and comes as mini crumbed pattie.  This was really tasty, flavoursome and succulent.  Whilst I was eating it, I thought to myself how ideal it would be for Tara.  I didn’t just decide not to feed her – she wasn’t there!

Alongside the starters, we were served some Firehouse Fries:  A dish of chunky chips, topped with beef chilli, jalapeños, sour cream, cheese sauce, fried onions and lettuce.  Yes, you thought right, calories, calories, calories!  These were so bad in all the right ways, I’ve tasted a few ‘loaded chips’ across some fast food chains in Doha.  I’d most certainly pay that little bit more and come back to Burger Gourmet for this guilty pleasure.  Given the sinful content, I’d personally order these as a main dish opposed to a side and one to share at that.  A must, must MUST try.

Next up was a course called Black and White Experience:  It was a slider serving of their two best sellers.

Queen of the Ocean:  Atlantic grilled prawn burger, served in a squid ink bun.  O M G – absolute favourite ‘catch of the night’.  D-licious!! The squid ink bun, was nicely dense but without feeling doughy or thick.  The prawn filling was generous, without being over the top.  You can feel the bite into each jumbo prawn – definite score of burger points there.

Limited Edition:  We had some humoured discussion around this one.  I didn’t realise the name of the burger was actually Limited Edition.  So kept asking how long the ‘Queen of the Ocean’ was limited edition for!! Not laughing?? Guess you had to be there!  The Limited Edition is Burger Gourmet’s signature fried burger.  It’s a beef burger, wrapped in a cheese and pickled sour dough.  It has a beautiful kick from the jalapeños served in the burger itself.  It was bursting with all the typical beef burger flavours in the most unexpected way.

Following on from my favourite course, was The Big Mess:  A double decker cheeseburger with all the traditional fillings.  Predictable and fresh tasting; a definite requirement on the menu for those that like to stick to what they know.  They were served up with some Curly Fries.

The final savoury serve was gourmet to the core.  The Specialist Slider:  A foie gras burger, which came covered in a delicate crust, served in a bun.  I’m not a personal fan of foie gras and whilst it was nice, it’s not something I find delectable.  I’m always panged with guilt when I eat foie gras, so my inner voice didn’t allow me to properly appreciate this speciality.  The accompanying decoration of the pineapple chunk marinaded in tamarind sauce was unfortunately a no no for me.  In concept the flavours work, however, the tamarind was far too overpowering.

Finally we were delightfully presented with a trio of desserts:  Caramel Cheesecake:  I’m fussy when it comes to cheesecake, I like my base crumbly and my topping soft.  The flavours were on point, unfortunately the biscuit base was a tad too soft for me.    The Warm Chocolate Brownie was a good standard provision, it wasn’t quite warm but it tasted really good nonetheless.   Straight up winner for me was the Strawberry Ice Cream, melted in your mouth with that velvet, luxuriously creamy taste, the strawberry flavour tasted real too – very important for a gourmet eatery.

There is no kids menu but I spotted a couple of sides I could easily pick for Tara.  I’m sure the chef would be happy to provide a child friendly option if needed.

The care taken into the overall quality of the food, stood out to me like a beacon.  Chef Navin is so passionate about ensuring the beef he serves up is of the best quality, using only grade 6 upwards of Wagyu beef.  The beef itself is minced in house and prepared fresh each night.

Despite this, the ‘marketing mix’ of the restaurant does position Burger Gourmet as overpriced.  Personally, I’d be willing to pay a premium for the quality but not to the extent that currently stands. If Burger Gourmet could respond to the frequent feedback about its current pricing, I really believe their presence as the go to ‘gourmet burger place’ could change.

If you’re daunted by the pricier options, there are several cheaper options on the menu to try.


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