Check out Chac’Late for breakfast

Venue: Chac’Late

Location: Katara Cultural Village, Building 15

Eating Occasion: Breakfast (they serve Lunch and Dinner from 12pm)

Cuisine Type: Miscellaneous (European for Breakfast)

Price: Cheap and Cheerful Mid Range Expensive

Highchair Available: Yes, they have two

Changing Facilities: Unfortunately not, Tara was restless by the time I went to find the public restrooms, I’ll find them when I go back next.

Private Dining: No

Family Section: No

Smoking/Non Smoking: Non smoking inside and smoking outside.

Wifi: Yes across all of Katara (dancing lady Emoji)!!

Timings: 08.00am – 01.30am (closed 11.00am – 01.00pm Fridays)

Contact Number: 4408 0733

They say first impressions count, thankfully not in this case.  As we walked up to the Chac’Late, I was instantly shocked to see two highchairs left out in the heat!! O M G – little bubba bum bums on hot plastic – big noooooooooooo!!

As my eyes peeled away from the shock, I was faced with the obstacle of getting up the steps with my stroller.  Once I’d conquered ‘Mount Chac’ – I discovered a much easier entrance with NO STEPS just around the corner!!!

I got inside and addressed the highchair situation, instantly the waiter bought it inside and acknowledged the issue.

We were given our menus and left for a few minutes to decide.  There were so many things we wanted to try that we struggled to decide initially.  We opted for organic fried eggs with avocado tartine, crushed pink peppercorns, feta cheese and rocket (45 QR): this dish was so tasty, both Amrit and I polished our plates off and couldn’t think about anything we’d want differently next time.  The eggs were perfectly round and the yolk was hidden in the egg white as if a total surprise. The avocado tartine had so much flavour, served on dark rye bread, which was thick and filling without shadowing the egg and avocado as the main focus of the dish.

Tara was served up the cutest scrambled eggs with croissant.  It was just the right size for a kids portion and not overly hot (or cold), she was able to tuck in soon as we were served.

At this point, I wish we stopped right there and just ordered our coffees.  Unfortunately our eyes got the better of us, Amrit and I decided to order one portion of the crispy honey pancakes, with baked ricotta, maple syrup and cinnamon sugar (55 QR): by description the dish sounded so mouth watering, on being served I was salivating at the view, on tasting – blah! Not good! The pancake was so dry and powdery, the honey AND maple syrup was too much and the cinnamon sugar was just lost.  I wouldn’t order this dish again and unfortunately wouldn’t recommend it either.

The coffee was nice, beautiful crockery, perfect size, warm, strong and smooth in taste – just how I like it.

Our waiter was called Ibrahim – he was honestly so lovely, helpful, polite and patient.  We were so happy with his service, eating out is made so much more pleasant with a really nice waiter(ess).

Aside from the Organic Fried Eggs, the other thing I loved about Chac’Late was the location.  There is so much space around for Tara to run around and the building opposite provides some great shade.  The open space kept her happily occupied whilst the food came out and helped burn off her cute croissant after we were finished.

The next time we dine here, we’ll definitely take advantage of the outdoor seating and cooler weather:

For older kids – there is a female restroom inside, as mentioned it unfortunately doesn’t have changing facilities.


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