Mouthwatering treats at the must try Monte’s

Venue: Monte’s

Location: Tornado Tower, West Bay

Eating Occasion: Lunch (they also serve breakfast )

Cuisine Type: Casual

Price: Cheap and Cheerful Mid Range Expensive

Highchair Available: No, unfortunately not.

Changing Facilities: No, public restrooms are located outside the restaurant.

Private Dining: No

Family Section: No

Smoking/Non Smoking: Non smoking

Wifi: No

Timings: 7.00am – 5.00pm Sun-Thu; 8.00am – 5.00pm Fri-Sat

Contact Number: 4499 0689

Finally!!! Qatar has been in desperate need for a Monte’s for some time.  A fresh, healthy (a little naughty!!), quick serviced casual eatery in Doha (dancing lady Emojis).

The venue is clearly targeted to business traffic from it’s own and neighbouring towers.  This said, fellow yummy mummies and ladies of leisure, don’t discount this venue.  The casual atmosphere, central location and onsite parking makes it a fantastic meeting spot.  I wouldn’t bring Tara here on a weekday, but I’ll certainly toddle her along for breakfast across a weekend.  The ambience is great for young families and the corniche is only a stones throw away for post breakkie walks.

The range of sandwiches and salads are displayed on easy to browse counters:

There were so many things I wanted to try but three things caught my eye in particular:

Roast Beef and Onion Marmalade Wrap:  This was delicious, just the right amount of filling, the marmalade tasted like caramelised onion and the rocket was a perfect surprise ingredient.  Why have I ever thought of this combo myself?! I loved every single mouthful.

Banana Espresso Smoothie:  Monte’s make all their smoothies with their own frozen yoghurt (they have natural or greek style).  I’d never tried a banana espresso smoothie and as I caught my eye, I had to give it a whirl.  The fresh banana hits your tastebuds, sharply followed with a taste of coffee, the frozen yoghurt smoothly blends the two flavours together.  Sip by sip this was a healthy heavenly treat, that helped to keep me awake!  A must try

Saving the best till last:  Doughnuts:  O M G !! These are THE best doughnuts in town, I’ve not stopped talking about them since I had one.  They are freshly made every 10 minutes and they are just delicious.  They are soft, sweet, warm, flavoursome, and just outright supercalifragilisticexpialiscrumptious!! (Yes, I just changed it).  Eating this sinful ball of sugar, took me back to my childhood.  We’d get fresh doughnuts from the ‘doughnut man’ and eat them with a cup of tea at home or in the car if we couldn’t last the way!  Monte’s doughnuts are like a posh supersized version:

See you again soon.


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