Looking for a perfect pastry for breakfast? La Varenne could be your place

Venue: La Varenne

Location: West Bay, 28th floor Tornado Tower

Eating Occasion: Breakfast

Cuisine Type: French Brasserie

Price: Cheap and Cheerful Mid Range Expensive

Highchair Available: Yes, they have the oh so famous Ikea option.  Which I have no issue with, I think they are great.

Changing Facilities: No, but they have this table which you could change your little one on, if you felt comfortable to do so:

Private Dining: Yes

Family Section: No

Smoking/Non Smoking: Non smoking

Outdoor Seating: No

Wifi: No

Timings: 8.00am – 11.00am (until 3.00pm on a Saturday)

Contact Number: 4499 0680

Our typical Friday morning outing is breakkie followed by Tara outings.  Last week we thought we’d try the much talked about La Varenne.  We cruised there on the glorious empty roads (I just love driving in Doha on a Friday) and parked up in the empty Tornado Tower carpark within seconds (dancing lady emoji).

On arriving, we were guided to the 28th floor, the lifts have some serious security going on – you’ll know what I mean if you go/have been.  Once we got there, I was pleasantly surprised with how quiet it was.

The ambience of the place is very fresh and modern cosy.  The tables have plenty of space which is perfect when you have kids.

We were quickly given the menu to browse and I just wanted to try it all.  The have healthy, baked, waffles and hot sections.

Their combo ‘to start’ offer is fantastic – any tea, coffee or fresh juice and a pastry basket for 50 QAR.  Their pastries are so scrumptious, all different varieties and extremely moreish – we ended up ordering another basket as ‘breakfast dessert’.  My diet starts tomorrow!!!!

Tara marks for their croissant = 10/10.  She munched her way through a whole one in silence, whilst watching ‘Mother Goose Club’.

Given my sinful indulgence with the pastries, I thought I’d opt for a healthy breakfast.  I went for the Aubergine Cromesqui, Ricotta, Poached Egg, Cucumber Salad & Za’atar.  Strictly speaking, not healthy, as the aubergine cromesqui is fried.  This said, the dish was so simple and flavoursome.  My egg was a little on the soft side, I asked for and prefer medium, but all in all a fresh, light and delicate flavoured dish.  I would certainly order this again – once I’ve made my way through all the other dishes I want to try.

Amrit went for the House Breakfast from the hot section, this included veal sausage, beef bacon, home fries, beans, tomato, mushrooms and egg.  Slightly misleading with the home fries, what they actually served was more like ratatouille.  Overall, he enjoyed the dish and would happily order this again.

We also ordered cappuccinos, I’d say their coffee is OK – it’s not bad but I wouldn’t come here to enjoy a good coffee.

I really love the fact that they offer a take away (pick up) menu.  Next time we head for a breakfast picnic along the corniche, we may call in to La Varenne for our catering.


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