Totally stuffed from our very own toy story

Location: Lagoona Mall (upstairs)

Occasion: Kiddie Fun

Time: 9am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs) 2pm – 10pm (Fri)

Venue: Build a Bear Workshop

Contact Number: 4488 2471

Ever since Build a Bear Workshop opened in Lagoona Mall, I’ve been itching to take Tara.  I waited until she was over 18 months as she’d have been too young to enjoy it had I gone earlier.  I feel 18 months onwards is perfect for the little ones to get stuck and enjoy the wonderful journey of ‘building a bear’.

The concept of the store is exactly what it ‘says on the tin’, along a journey of 7 stages your child gets to make their very own teddy bear.   The whole set up is just so much fun, not only for kids but for us adults too – I had a ball!

The journey stops are set up around the edge of the store from start to finish in order (as you’d expect).  Our experience was as follows:

The store itself is upstairs in Lagoona Mall, the brightly coloured, uniform set out of the chain store is a magnet to a child’s eye, if you can’t find it – they surely will:


Tara was called for ‘Furby’ (one of her teddy bears at home) as soon as she saw the shop front!  On entering the store, she was instantly zapped.

The first stage is called choose me:  at this stage your child picks a teddy bear they want to build.  They have a great selection ranging from 100 QAR to around 135 QAR each.




Tara loves monkeys, they had pink or brown options and she instantly went for pink (typical girl).  Our first stage of building a bear was complete ‘can I get a whoop whoop’

The next stage is called hear me: at this stage your child will pick a voice for their teddy bear.  They can chose from a selection of pre-programmed noises or create their own voice.

Tara just loved listening to all of the different sounds, she wanted to press the buttons, then we (mummy and daddy) had to press the buttons, then she wanted to press the buttons, then we had to press the buttons; yes you guessed it, the oh so famous ‘again, again’ syndrome was in play.  Based on her reactions to the noises, we picked out the giggle sound, she just loved it.


Once you pick a voice, you move along to the fill me stage:  here somebody from Build a Bear Workshop fills your teddy and your child gets to help them too.

Tara was completely zapped at this stage, our ‘builder’ for our bear was just amazing at making this whole part so special and heaps of fun.  He was really creative and she loved every minute of it of the story – except for when I walked off to take a picture, aka superglue to mummy!


Once the teddy is filled, you child will conduct a heart ceremony for their bear (it’s so cute).  A tag goes inside the bear along with the heart before it’s sewn up.  In the event the teddy bear is lost, the tag holds the owners contact information which can only be obtained by somebody from Build a Bear Worksop.  If it’s handed in to anyone of their stores, they can return the bear to it’s rightful owner.





The next stage is called fluff me:  your child basically air showers and combs his/her teddy.  Tara needed some convincing of this stage but soon warmed up to the idea.


After the air bath, comes the dress me stage:  Your child gets to dress their teddy bear, from underpants right the way to socks, shoes and spectacles.  Of course this stage is an add on, but what I really love about it, is the fact that the teddy can be revived with different outfits keeping things ‘fun and fresh’.

Tara already loves playing dress up and as soon as she saw the clothes, she instantly knew what was lined up.  She was zapped by the getting ready process and with the help of mummy, Monica was all dressed up in some cute PJs with under garments and socks to keep her nice and warm!!


The more studious stage to follow is called name me:  here your child will chose a name for their teddy bear and it’s date of birth is also provided.

We chose Tara’s name for her but of course if you child is old enough this is extremely special to do themselves – Monica the monkey was born!


The final stage is called smile for me: at this stage you child gets to hold their teddy bear’s birth certificate, their teddy and have a picture taken before they take their new bff home.

Sorry, I lied, the final stage is actually paying up!

Another add on you can buy is a passport for the teddy, I just loved this idea.  If there’s a Build a Bear Workshop in the country you are travelling to, you can take your child to that store and they can get their teddy bear’s passport stamped – how cool.


If you’ve not been yet, I highly recommend, the staff there are just fantastic with kids and they really do make this a great experience for them.  They also host children’s parties in their store – you’ll have to get in touch with them direct for details.

Since visiting just over a week ago, I can also confirm Monica is officially part of our family and we have to take her everywhere!!!


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