Looking for a new car? Check out the Chevrolet Traverse

Hi all, it’s been a while and I’ve finally got some spare time to post again (dancing lady Emoji). Before I get into things I want to point out that I’m not a car expert and yes I was approached by Chevrolet to review their Traverse as a family car.

Why?  I’m a mum and I spend a lot of time driving around, be it a nursery run, grocery shopping, trip to the mall or a coffee date with my friends – my car is my second home!!

I recently (last 6 months) changed my car and regretfully didn’t even think to consider the Traverse as an option.  It’s ironic really as I ended up buying a GMC Acadia and they’re practically the same on the inside (owned by same manufacturer). In fact the Traverse comes slightly cheaper.

Next time I buy a car in the region, I’d genuinely consider Chevrolet for my next purchase and here are a few reasons why:

Physical size and style

4×4 cars are a popular option in the middle east but we don’t all want a beast to feel safe amongst the myriad of drivers out here. The Traverse is a great step up from a saloon and not quite a monster that a ‘proper’ 4×4 can be.  In my non expert girly opinion I also like its ‘bubbly shape’ too! Yes, I did just write that sentence as part of my review!



It’s a comfortable 7 seater, allowing plenty of space for a family.  If your family is growing (you want to have more kids at some point) the Traverse can sufficiently accommodate for them.  It’s also handy when you have guests come visit – you don’t need the burden of travelling around in 2 cars, perfect for expats with frequent visitors like us.





Junk in the trunk!!

As a family, a decent sized boot is essential – I had no appreciation for this until I had Tara.  The Traverse as a 5 seater provides a huge boot, allowing plenty of space for stroller, groceries and other bits and pieces.


Even as a 7 seater, whilst snug, the boot still has plenty of space to store your essentials. If you have a bulky stroller then this may not prove correct.



The Traverse offers great peace of mind for families; it’s got six airbags, the key mod cons such as rear view camera, ‘forward collision alerts’ and one of my favourite features is the ‘blind spot alert’ in the side mirror. I find the latter feature particularly impressive.



Being super busy when you’re a family, time is of the essence. A fantastic service that Chevrolet offer is their Complete Care Service providing:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • 1 hour service promise
  • pick up and drop off, of your car
  • courtesy car, whilst your car is being serviced

If you want to know more about the Chevrolet Traverse, I highly recommend taking a visit to their newly opened showroom at Jaidah Square. You may be pleased to know they have a dedicated kids area too 🙂


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