My top 6 family meal websites…

As a passionate foodie I love nothing more than my friends and family enjoying delicious dishes created by moi!  Saying this, I do find I’m either cooking up something new on a daily basis or Miss Predictable making the same dishes on rotation for weeks on end.  My all or nothing approach always comes down to how busy I am (have I got time), Tara’s well being (is she clingy or poorly) and my mood (can I be bothered).

A few weeks ago I noticed Tara stopped eating some of her favorite dinners. This usually happens when she’s teething or poorly but her disinterest on this occasion was down to neither of these reasons.  It got me thinking and I came to the conclusion that she was quite simply bored of my food!  For weeks, I’d been making almost the same dinners week in week out, I’d fallen into such a predictable rut that she was no longer interested in the meals she once loved.

I needed to seek inspiration from my go to foodie websites and thought I’d share them with you.  As soon as I started giving Tara something different and new, her appetite thankfully went right back to normal (foodie in the making).  I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets ‘robotic cook syndrome’ with a ‘too bored to eat’ toddler – I hope you find these of interest.


1: Super Healthy Kids

This is by far and away my favorite site.  I’ll cook at least one recipe from this website a week (during my ‘all’ phases) and each dish I’ve made has gone down a treat.  The recipes are softly creative, simple and easy to follow which I love.


2: Family Food Tube

I mean who doesn’t love Jamie?!  He has his regular Food Tube and a dedicated sub channel called Family Food Tube.  I particularly enjoy watching food videos, you get a much better sense of what your dish should look like and the stages involved across the process.  Most of the uploads are no longer than 4 minutes which is great.  The vlogs are from a range of foodies not just Jamie himself.  A particular favorite of mine is Amber Kelley with her own website called Cook With Amber.  She’s a young enthusiastic girl, that’s passionate about advocating the fun side of healthy eating.


3: Annabel Karmel

The queen of baby food, I will always put her on a pedestal and found her recipes so useful when Tara was younger.  I still enjoy browsing her website to this day and find a number of her dishes fantastic for families with toddlers.


4: Little Grazers

This website was introduced to me by one of my friends, I’ll often use it when looking for finger food or snacks for Tara and not quite sure what to make.


5:  Food Network

This is just an amazing website all round, there are endless streams of tastebud teasing recipes on here.  They have a dedicated family friendly section and I particularly use this for inspiration when we’re having guests or a play date.


6: BBC GoodFood

BBC GoodFood has been part of my foodie library for years, to this day I always find some delicious dinners here.  My recent cook up from their healthy kids section was the turkey chili jacket potatoes (I made them with chicken mince instead), they were so scrumptious I saved the left overs for myself the next day!


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