Which wipes? My verdict on 4 main brands

It’s hard to believe that baby wipes can form part of a lengthy discussion for many mums over coffee or a play date.  Well for clearly sad mums like me they did!  I became obsessed with them!  Yes, I already told myself several times across my “turmoil” to get a life!!!

A wipe is a wipe right? A big fat whopping capital NO.  When your baby has wet or worse still soiled their nappy, the dread washes over you, you are on a timer and every second accompanied with the right wipe counts.

The “aim of the game” is to get your baby’s bum clean before they a) do a 180 flip b) heel kick and catapult backwards c) add fuel to the fire!!! d) release their liquid intake to the mix e) decide it’s a fun time to dig their heels about f) get curious and come at you with their hands!!! These are all very real issues we face and us parents are battling these thoughts in seconds – it’s an official race against the clock!

Here’s my personal summary and rating of the main brands I use(d)…

1: Water Wipes 10/10

Other Variants: N/A

OMG these wipes were an absolute godsend to me when Tara was first born.

When a baby is first born we’re encouraged to clean them with cotton and water alone.  Notably this is meant to be for the first 6/8 weeks; oh don’t worry, it’s only the peak period where you’re churning through about 12/15 nappies every 24 hours!

I just couldn’t imagine myself going through such a laborious and sorry to say annoying process, so I approached my friend Google.  I was delighted to find that Boots sold an amazing brand called Water Wipes.

I would use cotton and water to top and tail Tara’s creases day and night.  However, from Tara’s very first nappy onwards for about 2 months I used these fabulous wipes.  They are pricey versus your other main brands, but for me they were worth the extra pennies over this early period.

I do think they could do with being a little wetter and available in more outlets to help us parents get our hands on them.


2: Pampers Fresh Clean 9/10 

Other Variants: Sensitive

As soon as Tara was 2 months, I switched to “normal” wipes.  To be quite honest I didn’t actually try Pampers until she was a good few months older.  I started with Johnson’s, one day Pampers were on offer so I gave them a go.

These have got to be my favorite wipes and there are several reasons why: each wipe is tough so it doesn’t rip in your hand, you can fold it and use the other side with no issues, they are perfectly wet so work great for soiled nappies, they hold moisture well even when the packet has been open for a few days, you can pull the wipe out with relative ease and trust me this last point is a biggie when your battling with points a to f! They smell quite nice and generally can find them on offer/competitively priced which is always a plus.


3: Johnson’s Gentle Cleansing 7/10

Other Variants: Extra Sensitive, Clean and Protect

If you’ve managed to get this far and have an interest in reading this post in the first place, then Johnson’s wipes need no introducing.   I initially swapped to these after using Water Wipes as they were the main on offer brand I came across, plus they’re available almost everywhere.

These wipes have the trademark baby smell so I always felt Tara was nicely clean after using Johnson’s.  They are one of the easiest wipes that can be pulled from the packet.

They’re a lot thinner compared to Pampers, so I always need to use more when “seeing to” a soiled nappy.  They don’t retain moisture as well as Pampers but it’s nothing too drastic.  The gentle cleansing wipes can be quite strong for baby skin at times but their other variants combat this issue quite well.



4: Huggies Pure 3/10

Other Variants: Natural Care, Soft Skin

Ok, I’m sorry to say but these wipes infuriate me, I cannot understand why Huggies make wipes the way they do.  You literally need battle to with their packet every single time you need to grab a wipe and when think you’ve reached victory, don’t be fooled!!!  You’ve either grabbed about 5 wipes in one go and need to prize each one apart or you’ve torn out 1/5 of one and lost the fold out sequence, meaning all the other wipes are lost in the dreaded packet “forever”.

Whenever I use Huggies, I need to make sure I’ve pre-pulled all my wipes and got them ready, if not points a to f are guaranteed to occur whilst I commence “mission impossible”.

On the up side, the wipes are soft, have a fabric like feel and probably the best smelling wipes out of the above.

I have to say the only reason I ever use these wipes is because this is the only brand stocked by our corner shop, so when I’m all out I’m forced to use this brand.



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