20 stores I love for kids wear…

Hey all,

These are my top 20 stores I love to shop at for Tara:


  1. Anyone that’s a parent or has kids in their lives, will of course know this store.  When it comes to their clothing, I particularly love their jumpsuits and multipack t-shirts.  I do find the quality doesn’t last with most of their items but for the price I pay, I can accept this. Overall their clothes are comfortable, affordable and a great option for nursery wear – your heart doesn’t break when they come home covered in all sorts wearing a classic Mothercare piece.


2) I bet my last Rolo – anyone that’s expected their first child has gone to this place as one of their first baby stores.  Whilst I’m not a huge fan of their general kids wear (I find them overpriced compared to the quality and pricing vs other stores),  I do like their sleep suits.  Tara lived in her Mamas & Papas one pieces for the her first 3 weeks.  As you can imagine, we washed them several times and every single one of her brightly and cutely patterned garments held their colour and quality for the whole time.


3) I love, love LOVE next clothing for kids.  Every single time I go to this store for Tara, I see a million things I want.  I adore their fashionable and on trend mix and match ranges.  I love the fact that I can pick an outfit that suits my taste and Tara’s style from one of their key ranges.  I always get such cute ideas on how to dress Tara from here.  In addition to their regular wear, they do the prettiest sleepsuits, their 3 packs in particular are great value for money.  My staple favourites from this store are their white vests and half/full bodysuits – I just can’t recommend these enough.


4) J by Jasper Conran and RJR. John Rocha – need I say more.  These two brands are just divine.  I refer to them as the ‘affordable designer’.  Yes, I know, kids grow fast and they make a mess but sometimes you just want to put them in that something special.  These two brands work perfectly for this occasion.  They also make great gifts for fellow baby family and friends too.  Debenhams do have other baby brands but these are my personal favourites.


5) H&M is a great store for everyday classics, be it that black cardigan, those blue jeggings or a floral summer dress (I’m biasing towards females as I’m mother of one to a girl).  This summer they had some staple dresses available for 30 QAR each – bargain!  I picked up 5 in a range of great patterns and colours; Tara wore these all summer long and is now getting her final wears from them at nursery.  In addition to the everyday garments, I just love H&M accessories, from novelty shoes (Minnie Mouse and Super Girl being my recent picks), to caps, hats and soon come handy snoods.  To balance out my love, I do love the ‘comfy cosy’ options H&M do for boys too.  There’s something so cute about a boy toddler in some joggers and a t-shirt.


6) Carter’s (with the famous sister company Oshkosh) is kids wear heaven when it comes to ‘baby’ babies.  Their clothes are SO cheap (they do sales almost all the time) and their range is just huge.  When Tara was 3 to around 9 months, she lived in Carter’s clothes.  What I love about their garments more than anything, is that they typically use snappers on clothes for small babies and occasionally zips.  There is nothing worse than trying to get your baby dressed in an outfit with ‘proper’ buttons or worse still hooks (angry face Emoji).  I just don’t get their purpose on clothes for babies that you need to dress and undress several times a day!


7) Leggings, Leggings, Leggings, did I mention LEGGINGS!!! They have a great selection and great quality of leggings for kids.  They aren’t the cheapest but I find their quality fantastic.  They are super comfortable for Tara.  When it comes to the colder months their winter jackets and coats are so cute I could eat them!! (Foodie problems)!  From a spring denim number, to a warm gilet, these guys know how to combine the cute and practicality factor.  They do really lovely nightwear too.


8) When I first discovered this chain, I had no idea they offered baby play and music activities as well as kids wear (clue is in the title I guess).  How cool is that?! Is it still cool to use the word cool?!  I find their clothes to be fantastic quality and I guess I shouldn’t complain as they warrant a more premium price but I do find them pricey.  On the flip side of this they have plenty of promotions to pick up some great deals.  Tara will usually wear Gymboree for a nice but not so formal occasion – brunch, a nice dinner etc.


9) SOCKS, this is the place I go to for Tara’s socks, almost every single colour I need I can get from here.  They do a whole range of clothes but my personal favourites from here are the plain t-shirts (so many colours) and night wear.  For older kids they do ‘mini me’ options too which I just can’t wait to buy into once Tara is big enough.


10) Whenever I go back home (UK) I literally buy the whole store!  The price and quality of their clothes – you just can’t go wrong.  I know there’s a snobbery about wearing Primark item.  For me, I couldn’t care less – to look good, doesn’t mean you have to spend loads.  Primark clothes are just perfect for nursery too, if the kids get their clothes dirty beyond repair – it’s ok.


11) Another store I love to shop at for Tara when I’m home is Asda George.  In actual fact, most retailers back in the UK offer a great kids range.  I particularly find George quality great, whenever I refer to the quality I mean – can you wash it a thousand times and it’s still ok!!


12) Zara as a store I love dearly myself and I just adore their kids range.  They do it all, they do it well and they make it classy!  A regular dress or bottoms from this store, just oozes style in a typically Zara fashion.  Their nightwear is fantastic too, yes it isn’t cheap but I can tell you their clothing really lasts, you 100% get your money’s worth.  Another thing I love about Zara Kids for is their footwear.  I’ve bought Tara a few pairs of Zara shoes and she’s worn them all with pride and comfort.  Tara like most girls/women is shoe obsessed – so I cater for her love accordingly!


13) Unfortunately Mango only do kids wear aged 3 upwards and whilst I can’t shop here that often at present; I’ll certainly be using this store more and more as we ‘qualify’.  I have managed to get a couple of pieces from here and I just love their items.


14) There’s just something about Spanish style that is effortless.  Tara’s very first swimming costume was from this store and I fell in love with it ever since.  They do a whole range of beautiful and elegant kids wear.  It’s another great for that ‘something special’ and gift giving.


15) I had no idea Chicco did such fantastic kids shoes until I randomly popped into their store just over a year ago.  Since that day, Tara has always owned a pair of Chicco shoes.  They are stylish, durable, supportive, breathable and worth the price.  What keeps this brand close to my heart even more, is that Tara has learned to put on and take off her own shoes with this brand.  For first footwear especially – Chicco all the way.


16) Tara’s always got something from this store in her cupboard.  It’s not my number one go to as I don’t love everything they do.  Some of their garments don’t quite cut what I look for in quality or style.  This said, when I find something I like here – I LOVE it.


17) This one is biased to girls (sorry).  When it comes to that super special dress, Monsoon is always my first go to.  They do the perfect dresses for a wedding or very special occasion.  To compliment these delightful gowns, they do the some beautiful faux fur shrugs to finish off that special outfit perfectly.  Another love I have for this store is their hair accessories.  They do all sorts of hair bands, slides, clips to cater for mummies that love to dress up those locks.


18) For babies, this isn’t my favourite store at all – apart from their muslin clothes which are worth their weight in gold!  I bought a few M&S outfits for Tara from when she was a tiny tot, each time I’d struggle to get the outfit on with ease – I personally think they need to quit with the button love and go with the snappers.   This said, for Toddlers, I’m genuinely glad to say I just love it – they have some chic choices that I just adore on Tara.


19) I have to admit, I usually forget about this store.  The reason I’ve added this to my list is that it’s a store that’s always come handy in my time of need.  We all have that day when we’ve got an outfit planned and we need that one item we can’t find.  During these times, randomly Pumpkin Patch has always come to my rescue and happened to stock that one thing I’m looking for.  This store is worth a browse, it’s pleasantly surprising and one that I should consider visiting more often than I do.


20) Last but not least, this is a store that I feel is a hidden gem.  It’s so understated as it offers some great options for kids wear.


5 thoughts

  1. i really like this list, though i think pumpkin patch deserves to be higher on the list because of the quality they offer. yes, i know that its just a little store, but its delivered in spades every time i look for something ‘girly’ and not ‘glitzy’.

    p.s. nice blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks appreciate your feedback too. I love how us mummies have different takes on all these fabulous stores. I see your point too and they are great at that look as you’ve so greatly put ‘girly but not glitzy’. X


    1. Thanks lady – we’re so lucky to have such fab choices – our little darlings can be stylish and comfortable both at the same time 👌🏾 x


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