10 memories I made this November…

1) Besties came to visit

This was not only the first event of the month but most certainly the best.  Two of my dearest besties independently booked to visit me this month, by pure coincidence their trips overlapped.  I couldn’t believe my luck, it really was close to a miracle, our What’s App conversations go on for days when trying to arrange a simple meet up (when we’re in the same country).  It was the first time Tara spent quality time with one of my BFF’s kids (Jaya and Yash) and to say they hit it off was an understatement of the century.   One of my favorite and most memorable moments was when we booked a very simple dhow ride along the corniche, the unexpected music kept the kids dancing their hearts out for the entire time we were out at sea.


2) Come Dine with Me (Dee)

If you’ve not come across Dee in Doha yet, you most certainly will at some point.  She’s one beautiful lady inside and out.  A few weeks ago she put up a simple post on Facebook about a Come Dine with Me event – it just went crazy.  I was fortunate enough to be part of the first ever event which took place at Elements – The Four Seasons Hotel.  I’m SO glad I went, not only did I meet some lovely new people, I found a new favourite place for dinner.  The food was just amazing – check out my instragram for a detailed summary of the delicious delights I tried.


3) One Indian to the next

Ok, without pigeonholing myself, it just so happens to be that this month, Indian food clearly dominated my preference.  As a passionate Punjabi cook myself, when I head out for a curry I have high expectations.  I was underwhelmed by Bombay Balti at Radisson Blu but over joyed with Gymkhana at Jomrok Boutique Hotel, Souq Waqif.  For me Bombay Balti lacked in passion both in the taste of the food and service.  Gymkhana was authentic by decor and food, fresh and attentive.  I loved the fact that the restaurant manager was open with me about their learnings and the hunger (excuse the pun) they have to make sure they get it right.


4) Umm Bab Beach

Call me lazy, call me ignorant, call me what you like but over the the last four years I’ve barely explored the natural beauty of Qatar.  I had ventured out to the desert twice and even then I had no clue where I was!!! Over the next few months I’m on a mission to explore the coasts of our teeny tiny home and if our first ‘excursion’ is anything to go by – I’m in for some amazing times.


5) Country hop to meet the grandparents

One thing is for sure, as an expat you worry about the bond your child will have with your nearest and dearest from back home.  No matter what the distance or frequency something within their little hearts bonds them to their blood.    We flew over to Dubai for the weekend for Tara to see her grandparents.  She was delighted to see them and certainly kept them on their toes post their relaxing visit to Mauritius.  We spent our last day with her ‘Baba and Dhadhi’ at The Atlantis.  We enjoyed an amazing lunch at Bread Street by Gordon Ramsay followed by a fascinating walk along The Lost Chambers Aquarium.


6) Hyatt Plaza Mall new play area

This mall is on our doorstep yet I had no clue they refurbished the upstairs of their play area.  From young babies to active kids – it’s just fantastic.  I have to say my friend and I took our little ones at peak time (around midday) and it was quite crazy.  We’ll be heading back a lot earlier in the hope it’s less manic and the kids can freely enjoy the space and entertainment.


7) Playdate with the neighbour

We’ve been living next to each other for a year and we finally managed to hangout for a play date.  It sounds ridiculous but I honestly don’t know where the time goes.  I’m lucky to have neighbours  with similar aged kiddies and one thing I sure hope to do next year is be proactive in seeing them more.

8) Walking in the floods!!!!

Ok, so never in a million years did I ever think I’d do this, but needs must.  My car was flooded in and I needed to get to a very important event.  I had no way of reaching my car other than rolling up my trousers and walking in the water (I wore flip flops and took some vital items to help me).  Once I reached my car, I entered via the passenger side, dried myself off with a towel and cleaned myself up using baby wipes!! (Mummy staple item).  I then clambered over to the drivers seat, where I finished getting ready by putting on my socks and shoes.   I just hope nobody was watching me!!!

9) Baby Shower

The event I needed to get to was a celebration of the forthcoming arrival of a dear friend’s baby.  We had too many giggles whilst enjoying amazing afternoon tea at St Regis.  They do an an all inclusive offer from 2.30pm until 8pm providing unlimited afternoon tea for 195 qar pp.  It’s self serve from a beautiful table setting which is very conveniently placed between both seating areas of the Sarab Lounge.


10)  My first accident with Tara

The rain has made driving a nightmare and I unfortunately had a bump in my car the other day.  Tara was with me in the car at the time and thankfully we’re both completely ok.  I was shaken up for a while and at the time just wanted to know Tara was OK.  Once I knew she was fine, Tara started talking to me.  “The naughty bus hit my car mummy, but it’s ok, don’t worry it was an accident.  Are you happy mummy?”  I was gobsmacked and underestimated my daughter’s ability to process such information, what I was really speechless about was her concern for me and desire to make sure I was ok ahead of herself.  As mums all we want to do is protect our little ones and we’d do anything to protect them.  We forget that they’re just as protective of us too – my most valuable memory of the November for sure.


11 thoughts

  1. I literally grinned the whole way through this (until I got to the bit about the bus bumping into you – so glad you were both OK!). What a lovely month. Having your besties come to visit makes Doha feel more like home doesn’t it? I’ve made a mental note about Hyatt Plaza too, we will go and check it out at some point.

    Polly xx


  2. I so agree to your meeting up with friends! It takes so much converstion and time to see friends in the same city! And the rain waters! Oh man its such a beauty when it rains but the aftermath is gross. Glad Tara enjoyed being with her grandparents. We have a special bond with our grandparents even though we grew up away from them most of our life!


  3. I love the concept. Like a monthly diary to help keep track of cherished times!
    I love bombay balti btw. But it can be hit n miss. Chingaari is definitely the better indian at radisson!
    Hope mom n Tara are doing okay post accident!


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