10 memories I made in January 2017…

 1.  Happy New Year

We intended to enter 2017 with a bang and party the year in, instead we slept through the entire thing!  We were just too exhausted from our trip back home, opening our eye lids was too much effort, let alone dancing away to ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

I don’t know why, but I just know this year is going to be a great one and ‘boy’ was I proved right.  Whilst New Year itself was a bland occasion, the actual day was far from it.  Our lovely friends here in Doha were blessed with a beautiful baby boy – what a way to kick off the fabulous feeling of 2017.

2.  Daddy’s big day

January the 2nd has always been a special occasion in my life, it’s both my sister’s and Amrit’s birthday.  My sister turned 30 and marked the BIG 3 0 in style with a brand new LV number! Lucky lady indeed!  Amrit turned 35 (he will most probably kill me for announcing his age ha ha).  Unfortunately, he had to work but we made up for it by having a nice family celebration in the evening.  Tara was overjoyed as she got to sing ‘Happa bir-day’ to her daddy on loop.

3.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This has got to be one of the proudest days of my life.  Tara performed in her very own concert this month.  On the lead up to the event, she’d come home and randomly act out certain parts of the performance.  At 2 1/2 years of age she performed to an audience of parents on a big beautiful stage.  From the moment the teacher told us the ‘Little Explorers’ were walking out, I could feel a lump in my throat.  Luckily, us parents were all wearing masks and I could hide the fact I was ‘bawling my eyes out’ as I watched her perform.  Whilst she danced away, the last couple of years flashed before my eyes, how has my little tiny baby become so grown up.

4.  Blogger Confessions

I attended my very first bloggers conference hosted by The Crown Plaza Hotel.  I  was really unsure about attending but I’m so glad I went.  I picked up some amazing advice, listened to some really inspiring people and networked with some great contacts.  Plus I got to eat the best lemon meringue I’ve eaten in Doha to date.

5.  Bali here we come

January in the Phul household is all about birthdays and holidays.  We (I) always book our main family getaway this month.  I’m super excited to say we booked a 2 week break to Bali and I just can’t wait.  Travelling is not just about getting away for us, I just love to explore and really discover the place I’m visiting.  Of course, the foodie in me can’t wait to uncover some amazing places to eat out there too.

6.  Impromptu Pedicure

I’m a fan of Diva Lounge and visited their new branch in Qanat Quartier as an impromptu call.  Much to my luck they had a walk in appointment.  My mum enslaved feet were transformed to an ‘oh yes, I can wear sandals now’ situation – woohoo.  Whilst I was there, I bumped into a dear friend that I hadn’t seen in well over a year.  We gassed away for ages and it was just so nice.  I’m so glad it decided to have a last minute pamper session that day.

7.  Four Seasons Brunch

I’ve been to this brunch several times and it is most definitely one of my absolute favourites.  I couldn’t have wished for a better day, the company was just great (we went with some fab friends), the weather was just gorgeous, Tara played the entire time we were there and seating was just perfect – amazing views and right next to the kids area too.  Our first brunch of 2017 – what an excellent benchmark.

8.  Magical Festival Village

We ventured out to the Magical Festival Village at Katara.  It was such a lovely family day out.  We browsed around the little boutique shops whilst admiring the pretty decorations hung up in the air.  The atmosphere around the place makes it a really enjoyable experience.  Tara and I had lots of fun and giggles in the huge indoor play area too, it’s gigantic ball pit with slides, trampolines and swings for kids of most ages to enjoy.  As we came out of the indoor area, there was a huge red and white circus tent, they were showing Snow White at 6.30pm, it was on a little late for us so we missed out (Tara is currently sleeping at 6pm).  The food area was just great too, plenty of options and lots of seating too – always a good sign.  On our way back to the car we walked around the Mahaseel Festival – this is basically the local farmers market.  I am so delighted to have taken my time shopping around here, I picked up some cauliflower that was just fantastic quality, locally grown cherry tomatoes and some super cute plants – which are now potted and making my back garden look very pretty.

9.  My birthday

I turned 34 yesterday, I was treated with coffee and a fresh rose in bed by Tara and my romantic hubby.  I then met my darling friend for breakfast at W Market and we spent the day chatting away.  She introduced me to the most amazing toy shop inside 51 East at Lagoona Mall too.  It’s called Joué Club and I couldn’t help but pick up something for Tara.  I got home and we played with her new game, Amrit cooked dinner and we ended the day with some sweet treats from Laduree.  Considering I had zero plans – I had a pretty amazing day.

10.  No more naps

So, we came back from our Christmas holiday and slot straight into our normal routine.  Before our break, Tara was sleeping for about 8.00/8.30pm on a week night.  All of a sudden we got back and she wasn’t anywhere near tired come even 9pm, one night she hit 10.30pm and I decided to take the plunge – bye bye napping. The first couple of days were a real struggle (to say the least) but Tara is well and truly ready for bed come 6.00/6.30pm at the moment.  Let’s see how long this haven lasts!


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