Fameltine’s Day 2017

Before I became a mum, Valentine’s Day was always a cliché event.  I’d get red or pink roses, fancy chocolates, perfume or something that sparkles.  I’d get dressed up and we’d either head for something fancy to eat or I’d cook a nice romantic dinner at home.  At the time, I loved it and would always look forward to this predictable day.

Since becoming a mum, Valentine’s Day is an entirely different occasion.  My sweet nothings are now loud lots of:

“Tara sit in one place and finish your dinner”
“Stop dancing around the room and put your pyjamas on please”
“Keep your head still, I’m combing your hair”

Tomorrow morning I won’t wake up to breakfast in bed; instead I’ll wake up to Tara peeling my eyes open only to melt me with “Morning Mummy I love you”.

Tomorrow Amrit and I won’t be handing each other Valentine’s Day cards with super long messages that we used to spend hours compiling; instead we’ll spend most of the day trying to tell each other whilst Tara interrupts us every two seconds.

Tomorrow we won’t have a peaceful meal for two, taking all the time in the world to eat a romantic meal; instead we’ll be playing catch the crayon and how to keep a toddler occupied over lunch.

Tomorrow evening, I won’t spend hours getting ready to feel super special as we go out for a romantic dinner; instead I’ll be cooking dinner in my pjs, clinking glasses with hubby and celebrating that Tara has gone to bed.

Tomorrow I won’t spending my day like I used to; instead I’ll be thinking about how lucky I am to have this mayhem filled monster in my life and be thankful that she belongs to me and MY Valentine 




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