10 memories I made in February 2017…

 1.  Tara got a place in school

Amrit and I were thrilled to know Tara got a place in Doha College pre-school next year.  It’s the leading international school in Doha, both Amrit and I are confident we’ve made the right choice in giving Tara the best start (continuation if you count nursery) in her educational life – for us!

2.  My very first food column 

My very first food column was launched this month in the brand spanking new GULFemina magazine.  It’s a free monthly publication that’s distributed within Gulf Times.  I have to admit that I was actually quite nervous about it, the shoe was (indirectly) on the other foot, this time I was (still am) putting my recipes out there for people to judge me – thankfully I had an overwhelming positive reaction.  It’s a dream come true for me and I’m genuinely so appreciative of the opportunity.

3.  I discovered Shopkins

Say what??? Yes, for those of you parents that have not yet discovered this bewildering craze, brace yourselves.  As my niece so aptly defined, Shopkins are basically grocery items with faces!!!

4.  Valentines 

I love Valentines and to share my ‘love for love’ I made 10 delicious sweet treats this month.  If you’ve not seen my post already – check it out here:

5.  Family Visit

We had family come visit over half term, the weather wasn’t on our side but that didn’t stop the kids from having a good time.  One of the funniest moments was when the kids decided to put chairs on top of the sofas to watch TV?!?!  Kids really do have an interesting imagination.

6.  Damasca One

I can’t believe it’s taken so long to try this place out, it’s a great Arabic restaurant at Souq Waqif.  The food is fantastic and I loved the decor of the place too.  Whilst I do feel it’s a family friendly restaurant, I didn’t like the fact that everyone was allowed to smoke and have shisha across the same space kids were sitting.

7.  Tara tried duck

All meat and poultry to Tara is ‘chicken’ at the moment!  We try to be very open with her and get her to try all kinds of food but one thing she’d never eaten until now was duck. She’s not quite a super fan just yet so the duck pancakes with plum sauce are on hold for now.

8.  Cool De Sac

Whilst our family were in town, we popped over to Cool De Sac at Mall of Qatar.  OMG!!! It’s amazing.  They have so many different stations, Lego, painting/coloring, dress up, soft play etc.  Tara’s almost 3 and I’d say it’s perfect for her age.  Around every 30 minutes, a mascot comes out and all the staff do a synchronized dance – I have to admit that I was busting some moves out myself (embarrassing mum at her peak)!

9.  Gin O’Clock

Gin is taking the world by storm this year and no surprises to see W Hotel are part of this trend with style.  I discovered their Gin O’Clock offering and can officially say I’m sold!  From 5-7pm everyday at Market, for 35 QAR, you can literally make your own Gin based cocktail.   They have a range of Gin brands you can chose, 3 types of tonic and a huge range of fantastic ingredients.  It’s happy hour with a true difference.  If you’ve not been yet – GO!


10.  I like to move it move it!!!

Us Phuls must really must hold the record when it comes to home moves (especially in Qatar)!!!  With a heavy heart we’ve decided it’s time to move again (still in Doha).  We live on the most amazing compound which fantastic facilities but unfortunately our location is just too far away from everything we do.  We officially relocate at the end of June.  Nothing to stress about – it’s only peak heat, school holidays and 2 weeks before I head home for the summer!!!


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