10 memories I made in March 2017…

 1.  My brother and niece came to visit

My brother came over for a long weekend and with perfect weather on our side, we spent our days at the pool and evenings chatting away catching up on everything and anything.  I miss family and friends from home so much and it’s times like this I love and appreciate them even more.

2.  Hellooo there sunshine nice to meet you – again!!

O M G!!! Only my Doha peeps will get this but boyyyyy we had a cold one this year!  No we really did!  I actually forgot what it felt like to be warm.  You may want to slap me over the face for saying this but seriously Doha winters are cooooold.   This month we finally shunned away the gloomy wet weather and out came our ‘Mr Golden Sun’ and I’m so glad he ‘shined down on meeeeee’!!!  This really will be a memory that sticks with me forever – the year I thought Doha lost it’s sunshine.

3.  Couples night

This month we had round two of couples night with our couple besties.  We went to Mix Bar at Westin Doha for some lovely pre dinner drinks.  At 30QAR each, we enjoyed some fabulous cocktails from 5pm-8pm.  We continued our evening at Sabai Thai for dinner – to say the food was delicious is an understatement of the century!

4.  Let it go, let it gooooo

Yep, Frozen fever has hit Tara and her besties too!  I genuinely thought she would skip the obsession as ‘it was before her time’ but nope not so lucky!  This month, I can confirm Tara officially knows all the words to THE song and she was in total heaven when her bestie had an amazing Frozen themed birthday party too.

5.  Breaking Bread!

I attended the very first class hosted by the fabulous Hobby House Qatar.  The class was run by (oh so very talented) foodie blogger Rou Sweet Corner, at the beautiful home of fellow yummy mummy blogger Quest and Mark.  We made some scrumptious brioche and pain au lait.  I really need to put my skills to the test over the coming weeks.

6.  Rekindled my love for Mykonos 

I really feel that Mykonos is one of Doha’s most underrated restaurants.  If I’m honest, whenever it comes to eating out I always forget about this place, this mistake I will make no more.

7.  Shopping spree with my niece

My brother has three kids and for the very first time since my niece was born, I got to spend some one on one time with her.  My brother and Amrit went to do ‘guy stuff’, Tara fell asleep and my niece and I suddenly had a precious window to spend some QT together.  The first thing we did was run to H&M, we literally spent hours picking clothes and trying on baskets (no exaggeration) worth of items that took our fancy.  Incase you’re wondering, yes, we purchased several little numbers afterwards too!

8.  Mother’s Day(s)

We had three Mother’s days in March aaaaand I celebrated all of them!!!  I don’t care if it’s a gimmick or a commercial farce – I’m thrilled to have dedicated days to celebrate my being as a Mother – Tara’s mother at that.  I’m so thankful everyday that I have my little angelic monster in my life, if I really thought about how much I love her, I’m sure I’d explode.

9.  Chop chop – I cut my own hair!

Yes, you read that right!!!  Ever since I can remember I’ve always been impulsive when it comes to my hair – I want it cut and I want it cut NOW!  It had been a while since I chopped my locks and one day this month I decided it was time.  I called around (for an appointment – NOW) what a surprise, everywhere was fully booked!  So I crept upstairs, snipped around 6 inches from the length of my hair.  Is it horrendous no, do I need it sorting out professionally yes!

10.  The search has begun!

We officially began to search for a new home – I must have visited around 10 places.  I’ve been informed we are looking too early but I’d rather look ahead so come moving time I can decide quickly and feel confident I’ve made the right choice.


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