5 reasons why Carluccio’s has the best breakfast in Doha…

1. The menu!

Yes, all restaurants have one…but Carluccio’s breakfast menu is something else.  Each dish they offer is genuinely different, it’s the only restaurant in Doha that I’ve eaten something different each time I’ve visited!   The range is extensive, without overloading your mind.  I cannot stand menus that go on for pages!!

2.  They are expanding!

Carluccio’s is a well renowned chain, I’ve always had a soft spot for it since the day my BFF booked it for my 21st birthday (many moons ago).  In Qatar, until recently, we were restricted to only enjoy this venue from one location – The Pearl.  Not anymore, now you can also enjoy their amazing menu at Mall of Qatar and Doha Festival City.

3.  The kids menu

The kids menu is simple, realistic and genuinely edible by kids.  When us parents head out to eat, we are after a meal that is going to be enjoyed by our kids, in turn allow us parents to relax.  When our little ones have full a full tummy from the food on offer – you can guarantee we’ll be coming back.

4.  The kids pack

To be honest, if a restaurant provides anything for kids to help us parents entertain them, I’m sold.  Carluccio’s go one step further, they have a kids colour-in jigsaw.  This simple but amazing gift keeps kids entertained for ages.

5.  The atmosphere

This is almost as important as food when it comes to eating out.  Good food tastes so much better when the setting is right.  What I love most about Carluccio’s is that it feels ‘like a treat’ whilst feeling super comfortable.  As a parent I get to take Tara out somewhere she needs to behave but if she’s a kid behaving like a kid, I’ve got nothing to worry about.


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