10 memories I made in April 2017…

1. Tara goes to the cinema

Being end of term, Tara was off for the week and I was going slightly crazy at home.  I’d already exhausted all our usual outings so off we went for an impromptu visit to watch Smurfs: The Lost Village.

As we arrived, Tara was content with her cup of ‘ponkcorn’.  At this point I could have easily just taken her home!  We made our way to the cinema and Tara was all settled and soaked up her new surroundings.  You could see her mind ticking wondering about where she was and what we doing there.

All of a sudden, the lights dimmed down and she was not happy.  “Mummy put the lights on, it’s too dark”.  It was at this point, it dawned on me that she’d never watched TV in the dark.  

The movie started and she was zapped – for about 30 minutes!  After a few mummy cuddles, a 10 minute snooze (yes really) she lasted the whole stretch.  She enjoyed it so much, she even had a little dance at the end.

2.  Playdate at Dahl Al Hamam Park

Again, being end of term, us parents are all thinking the same thing.  “What on earth am I going to do with my child ALL day?”  Thankfully we all unite with the famous saving question “Playdate?” Abbreviation for “Can we get the kids together so they can occupy each other whilst we have a good goss?”

So, we met up with one of Tara’s besties Sara and of course the ‘playdate’ was fab.  An added bonus to this date, was the fact we chose to meet up at this park.  It’s just beautiful,  it’s has several areas with swings/slides etc and just lovely green grounds for families to enjoy.  It’s the first park I’ve spotted that has a skateboard/bike ramp too, not that I intend on testing it out but it was nice to see nonetheless.

3.  Obviously QIFF!!!

April is no longer April in Qatar without QIFF.  Also, it’s foodie law to visit this annual expanding event.  We decided to head over on Friday and arrived at what I thought was the perfect time – around 3pm.  We got a good hour of vitamin D before seeing the lovely sunset.  Tara conveniently decided to take a nap so we really took our time looking around.

Having enjoyed several delights on offer, we decided it was time for dessert.  Whilst we browsed to satisfy our cravings, we bumped into our friends, we caught up and met their family that were visiting from back home.

As they departed we bumped into some more besties.  At this point we were all done and decided it wasn’t quite time to head home but it was time to depart the crowds at QIFF.

We strolled over to Sheraton and ended the evening in the most perfect way.  We enjoyed a few drinks at the Pool CafĂ© and we’re surprised with the most beautiful fireworks display from QIFF.

I honestly had no idea what a beautiful hidden spot this area is in Doha, definitely a place I’ll be visiting more this year.

4.  Mad about Monopoly

So anyone that knows me, will know that I LOVE playing board games.  I was suppposed to have a movie night with my friend, but after dinner and a few (too many) glasses of bubbles, we weren’t going anywhere.  Instead (so rock and roll) we set up Monopoly and played an entire game out until the early hours.  It was so good, that’s it’s now a regular scheduled event!

5.  Housewarming


Post the Monopoly madness, we visited the new home of our fellow contestant friends.  They’ve moved over to Viva Bahriyah and their apartment was just amazing.  From the fixtures and fittings, to the facilities and beautiful private beach – I was in heaven and almost moved in myself!

To celebrate their new place, they put on the biggest barbecue spread and we feasted the night away.  They gave us some amazing tips about their recent visit to Bali (which is what inspired us to go ourselves).

6.  Tara officially went up a shoe size

This is a big deal!  One of the cutest things about babies and toddlers is their feet.  My little princess really is growing up too fast.  

Tara needed new sandals for our hols and as I shopped for her tootsies I discovered she was no longer a size 7.  I mean, I see her feet everyday but I don’t really SEE her feet everyday (if you get what I mean)!  As I stood there trying out new shoes on her, I came to the realisation – my daughter no longer has little feet – she now has FEET – normal FEET – big FEET!!!
On a positive note I have a whole new range of footwear to explore for her – every cloud has a silver lining!

7.  Bali

O M G where do I even start with this one, it has got to be one of THE most amazing countries I’ve ever visited.  Each part of the island we visited was so different, it almost felt like 3 different holidays.

From the food, the nature and the people, everything was just WOW.  I’ll be writing about the trip in more detail soon, but all I can say for now is, if you’ve not been, GO!

8.  Not all monkeys are brown!

One of the most beautiful things I love about being a mum is literally seeing Tara learn.  I love seeing her face actually think when she is trying to figure things out.  When she questions things I love knowing why.

As we grow up (and grow old) we think we know so much, one thing I’ve realised since having Tara is how much I don’t know and how much my daughter that’s only been in the world for 3 young years teaches me.

Whilst we were in Bali, we were telling Tara about how she was going to see lots of monkeys and she was so excited to see them.  

A few days into our trip we spotted some and pointed them out to her.  She was so confused when she saw them and kept looking back at myself and Amrit with a really blank expression.  A few moments later, she asked  “Mummy where are the brown monkeys?”  As cute as the situation was, I loved how THIS was such a priceless form of education.

By traveling the world, Tara is seamlessly opening her mind up to the beautiful world we live in.  I would never have gone out of my way to teach Tara that we have different coloured monkeys, I mean, why would I?!  I can’t wait to find out what our next adventure will teach her.

9.  Milkshakes anyone?

Tara is SO specific when it comes to the temperature of her milk.  Just like Goldilocks, not too hot, not too cold, it has to be warm and jusssst right.  Get it wrong and she knows (so do we)!  Whilst we were away, she discovered a love for milkshakes – cold milkshakes! I was overjoyed as I’ll be using them to get her off the bottle in a few months.

10.  I got a job!

No more lady of leisure.  I started a job this month and genuinely feel so glad to be back in the world of work in a job that I think I’m going to love.


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