10 memories I made in May 2017…

 1.  Guest on mummy blog post

When fellow yummy mummy Polly Byles asked me to be a guest on her forthcoming blog post, I gladly obliged.  I’ve been SO busy that I’ve not even had a chance to talk about it.  It was a great start to my memories in May and it’s a really interesting read too.  If you’re wanting to find out about more family friendly restaurants in Doha, check out her post here

2.  Besties reunite


Friends out here really do become your family, one of Tara’s besties went home for a couple of weeks and just as he came back with his family, we flew off to Bali.  

Meeting them soon after we got back was a priority, if we left it too long both kids would have probably Ubered (if that’s even a word) their way over to see each other themselves!

3.  Hakka Brunch

When our friends Dan and Kate (the Monopoly crew) asked us to join them at Hakkasan for brunch, we were delighted.  Amrit did his research in advance but having just started work and adjusting back to life after Bali, I just rocked up.

I had no idea what to expect and impeccable is the word I would use to describe it.  The service truely was 10/10.  Amrit has always loved Hakkasan, where as I can’t say it’s always been my favourite.  Since attending the brunch, it’s one of the first places I want to visit when we move.

The food was hot, fresh and it’s served to your table.  Give me a stay seated brunch over a help yourself buffet any day of the week (well technically just on a Friday)!

They make amazing fresh duck pancakes and these are all you can eat.  You definitely don’t want to fill yourself up on these as you’ll miss out on enjoying what’s actually the main part of the brunch.

For 398QAR (the package we went for) you get a selection of adult drinks including bubbles, 4 steamed and 4 fried starters (dim sum, buns, rolls etc), 1 main dish served with greens and rice, finished off with ice cream or sorbet and macarons.

Our drinks were seamlessly topped up throughout and the food was perfectly spaced out.

What I will say is that it’s not the most kiddy friendly brunch.  If Tara didn’t sleep throughout most of it (which thankfully she did) she’d certainly have been bored.  It is however, fine for families with young babies – I mean they are just going to sit there anyway, plus you don’t have to get up!

4.  Birthday bash to remember

Tara turned 3 this month, we definitely celebrated the occasion with style.  

The actual day was very chilled, we spent the morning as a family, she had lunch and cut her cake with bestie Jay.  We nipped to the mall and spent most of the day speaking to family and friends from back home.  It’s times like this you really do miss home.

The following week we invited a few close friends over to mark the occasion.

The morning of the day was complete disaster, my games went to pot, I burned fibres of my green rug into my hair (don’t ask), we broke the glass pane of our garden table into a thousand pieces 10 minutes before the party started and the balloons we ordered were wrong and had no weights to keep them on the ground.

Did any of the above matter – not one bit.  The kids had an absolute blast and we celebrated the entire day with good food (and beverages), great music and best of all some fabulous company.

The following morning, I was so thankful to have such lovely people in our life to make our occasion so memorable and special.

5.  Keys

I’ve been broadcasting our move to everyone and anyone that will listen!  I finally picked up the keys.  Our agent Dan Strutt (from Sloanes) has honestly been so amazing and I’d recommend him to anyone.

6.  Packing has commenced

I’m not enjoying any of this process one bit and I’ll be so glad when it’s over.  The house is full of boxes and I’ve got a project plan in place to make sure everything is done as needed!  As I sit here writing I realise this is my last evening of downtime before the mayhem begins.

7.  Learning Journey

Tara will be completing her time at Little Genius Nursery in a few weeks.  I will always look back with pride that Tara spent 2 very valuable years of her life at this amazing place.  The facilities are one of the best I know a nursery to have out here and the quality of service that they deliver matches up.

Before Ramadan commenced we were presented with Tara’s Learning Journey for the year.  Call me soppy but I cried whilst looking at each page with pride.  I will treasure these special keepsake memories forever.

8.  No more nappies

Tara is officially out of nappies.  She’s been potty trained during the day for months now but she still had a nighttime nappy.  One night we forgot to change her ‘big girl pants’ to a nappy and only realised the following morning.  The step had unknowningly been taken and we weren’t going back.  It’s been over a week now and so far – so dry!

9.  One day, you guys

My monthly memories are always full of looking back at how Tara has changed over the last few weeks.  This month she has picked up a couple of new phrases, the first one being ‘one day’.  She has started to talk a lot about ‘when she is bigger’ and ‘one day’ she is going to do ‘x’.

The second one definitely made me realise our offsprings are truely a reflection of us.  Tara will often jump over to us and ask Mummy or Daddy “You guys, what you doing?”.  When she first started saying it, I couldn’t stop laughing, I could just see my mini me right before my eyes.

10.  Ramadan

A few years ago this time of year meant nothing to me, however since living in the Middle East, it’s a huge part of our life.  The country is full of light, family time is amped up and whilst I may not practice the religious elements of this holy month, I feel it’s a perfect time of the year to reflect and think how we can all better ourselves and make the world a better place.


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